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Click the map to find a group near you or select from the list below.Bitcoin Events is your best resource for meeting Bitcoiners in the UK. Since April 2022, the number of groups has increased fourfold.

We encourage you to learn, research, explore and connect with other Bitcoiners online and in real life at meetups, conferences, and events. We aim to make that more accessible if you live in the UK.How we are building the UK Bitcoin community.
There are now over 40 community groups in the UK based on location. Each one is independent and is an online community. Most use Telegram. The organisers of each group stay in touch with each other through a Telegram group.
Each community also arranges a monthly meeting in real life.
The result is a distributed online/real-life community with no central control.


Click the map to see places where Bitcoin is accepted.Can't find what you are looking for? BTC Map is another global list of places that accept Bitcoin. Currently, they list 165 places in the UK.


Click the calendar to see events coming up.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is not so much a new technology as a discovery. Satoshi Nakamoto gifted us digital scarcity. That’s as profound as discovering electricity or discovering zero. It will change everything (including you).

You have seen how AI has gone from gradually to suddenly. Two years ago, you might have read about AI. Now this year, you will probably start using it to write better and search more quickly if you haven’t already started.Less than 1% of the world has any clue about Bitcoin. And yet it’s already the most successful asset of the past decade, far outperforming all others.
In the next decade autonomous AI agents will purchase and sell services both to humans and other AI agents. To do so, they will need money. There is only one form of money that is outside of human control, always on, and able to handle micro transactions. Bitcoin. If you think that is fantasy, it's already happening.
What do you think will happen to the price of Bitcoin once a critical mass realizes that Bitcoin helps counter inflation, the energy crisis, global warming, poverty, the destruction of the middle classes, the housing crisis, wars, and the rise of authoritarianism?


There are tons of resources about Bitcoin. If you know nothing, perhaps the best explanation is Gigi's 21 Lessons. Each lesson is only one page long and beautifully written.

Podcasts coming soon


We will be adding podcasts soon.

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We will be adding videos soon.

Bitcoin Events UK


Bridge to Bitcoin is dedicated to helping merchants in the UK build their businesses and reduce payment costs by accepting Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Events UK


BinkBonkBank is a free course that explains one way to make your seed phrase more secure. You may also like Border Wallets.

Bitcoin Events UK


Bitcoin Policy Uk brings together the community, policy makers, environmentalists, businesses, energy producers and Bitcoiners to explore how we might utilise this groundbreaking technology to support UK households, businesses and our communities in a sustainable and innovative way..

One of the biggest challenges to Bitcoin is the attempt to create a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). These articles explain what CBDCs are and why they are so pernicious.

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TwentyOneUk.world covers Great Britain. There are several other TWENTYONE beacons. Click the map to find one in your country where they speak your language.